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With much pain in our hearts we say goodbye
should take our sweet cuddly teddy bears


After the great sorrow of our first Shelsy, we looked joyfully forward to the arrival of our new puppy.
We gave you the name Shelsy.
You were our sunshine back into our lives. You were a very loving and playful puppy.
We were already looking forward to do what obedience .
That did not always run smoothly because you were so often stubborn.
We continued to persist and thus we archieved the certificate with you.

You were very content when there was a playmate , Fripon.
First it was some adjusting because he was already 1 year old, but after a while you were best friends.
At the end you could not anymore, it did not walk more and preferably all of you slept all day.
We leave you with much sadness to sleep.
You're now back iogether with your boyfriend Fripon in pet heaven.
We miss you !!!!



You were 1 year old when you came to us. You came from a blind school where they lead you no longer wanted.
We need you with love in our family.
It came quickly out why you had to leave , because you were seriously ill. You had severe epilepsy.
We have all your love and tenderness given because you were so sweet and soft teddy bear.
After a series of attacks had been collected back up close to us to play and cuddle.
At the age of 8,5 were you suddenly into a deep coma.
In the evening we were with you in our arms and Shelsy near you.
You gave one last sigh and moved back to the animals sky.
You're forever in our hearts , because we miss you every day !!!



Was our first golden in our lives .She came to us just after our wedding. She was so cute.
But it has succeeded not take long.
She was only 3 months old and she was already blind.
For her at such a young age there was no life , we said goodbye to her in great pain should take.
We still believe her !!!