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Best wishes to all and a lot of fun with the dogs !!!!

5 march 2011

Puppies born of our boy Cayto with Jana 4 girls and 3 boys.
Kennel Van 't Silverberghof in Beitem

13 february 2011

Hayissa and Moyito for the first time showing in Engeland Southern.
Very beautifull goldens and a nice day

12 february 2011

Hayissa "Good" on the field in St-Pierre des Ifs (Fr) and Moyito "Very Good"

5 december 2010

Cayto and Moyito "Good" on the field in Tingry (Fr)

6 november 2010

Club championchip obedience in Will to Please
Group D : Cayto : Club champion with 96/100 and Fayca 2 nd place

1 november 2010

Puppies born of our boy Cayto with Fleur 3 girls and 2 boys.
Kennel Van 't Silverberghof

22 oktober 2010

Puppies born of our boy Stanroph Spot On "Moyito" with Cleo 5 girls and 3 boys .
Mama Cleo and the puppies living in France : Kennel Fields de Mauny

10 oktober 2010

Club championchip hunting in Will to Please
Group beginners Hayissa : Clubchampion and Moyito 2 nd place

15 augustus 2010

Cayto , Moyito and Hayissa our successful Selective B in France
They are qualified for Field Trial

13 juin2010

Hayissa on show in Douai (Fr) her first CACS - CACIB on 21 months old.

2 juin 2010

Puppies born Fayca and Moyito 5 girls and 3 boys .

14 may 2010

Club championchip obedience in Kuurne
Group brevet : Hayissa Club champion and Moyito 2 nd place

3 may 2010

Joepie , Fayca is pregnant.
Moyito done his best.

25 october 2009

Show in Leuven , Judge Mr Leenen Theo (B)

youth class : Moyito 2 Ex dog , Hayissa 1 Ex bitch ,
her sister Hoena 2 Ex

Open class bitch : Fayca 2 Ex

Group class in erering : Fayca , Hayissa and Moyito : 2 nd place

Hayissa and Moyito has certificaat for LOSH - breeding.

26 september 2009

Hayco and Hoena have well done their best to show the West Flemish.

Hayco in youth class he won 1 st Excellent, Best male youth and 2 Best in Show. Congratulations to Pascale and Hayco !!!

Hoena obtained in the Youth class bitch 2 nd Excellent. Congratulations to Marleen and Hoena !!!

20 september 2009

A nice afternoon for us and for Mom Fayca. The reunion of our puppies. They are 1 years.

09 august 2009

A nice show day in Weeze - Wissen (Duitsland).
Hayissa : 1 st Excellent , CAC & VDH in the junior class.

Moyito : Best Puppy.

Cayto : in a very strong open class 3 rd Excellent.

22 march 2009

After she bring a litter Fayca is back in show.
In Wieze : 1 st excellent , Res CAC .

Hayissa did very good her best, 1 st very promissing and
Best puppy.

21 february 2009

Moyito his first show , just 3 month old.
In Hoogstraten : 1 st very promissing.

25 january 2009

Hayissa her first show was Moeskroen. She became 3rd very promising.

10 january 2009

On weekend to England. The long-awaited time has come.
Taking our new puppy home.

The introduction to our goldens was very cool and pleasant.

16 november 2008

Our puppy boy is born in England
The litter counts 2 boys and 2 girls. Pups and mom are doing well.

25 october 2008

It's quiet in our house. All puppies are at their new homes now.
Hayissa feels lonely.

20 september 2008

Throwing coffin is exchanged for play park. Joepie, puppy drink

29 august 2008

Pups are born , 5 bitches and 5 dogs

04 august 2008

Echo : joepie she is pregnant !!!

01 july 2008

Rayleas Mirabelle mated Ch Spencheal Ziggystar

15 june 2008

Clubshow Rumbeke : Cayto open class: Best dog : BOB

17 may 2008

Show Wieze : Mirabelle intermédiate class : Res CAC

14 march 2008

Jacques and Marleen wanted very much like a nest with Cayto and Cobe.
Birth of the pups of Cayto Of Sweetmeats and
Cobe Of The Golden Arc, 7 bitches and 4 dogs.

7 august 2006

Pups are born Cayto Of Sweetmeats and Cobe Of the Golden Arc ,
6 bitches en 2 dogs

4 august 2006

A girl-friend bitch from England for Cayto , Rayleas Mirabelle.

31 july 2005

Trip Germany with Cayto . The hotel , we were in the pampered with Cayto .

27 march 2005

Show Luxemburg : Cayto intermédiate class : CACL

31 august 2004

Trip Ill d'Oléron with Cayto . A mobile home rented,
was very cool and Cayto felt tiptop.